Mratt started his career at Unity Weekly News in 2010. Then he worked as senior reporter and editor at Mizzima Media Group as political and crime sections editor from 2012 to 2014. Then he joined The Myanmar Times and got SOPA ‘honourable mention’ of breaking news for his reporting on Students Crackdown in Letpadan. Later he joined Frontier Myanmar since its first day in 2015. He mainly focuses on conflicts, war and political religious areas.

Mratt was awarded AFP’s Kate Webb Prize for 2017 for his reporting of ethnic strife and frontline reporting in Rakhine State and Shan State. He is now hosting debates on local media, talk-shows and regularly writing for international news agencies and local newspapers.

As a frontline reporter, Mratt have travelled across the country from the south to north and the west to the east, even to the Golden Triangle, from the Bangladesh border and the conflict zones between Myanmar and China.

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