Introduction to the National Unity Government of Myanmar

The National Unity Government (NUG) has been formed today and the public perceived a lot of new faces in the list. This article introduces some of the newly appointed ministers and deputy ministers with a brief of their profiles.


Dr. Duwa Lashi La has been appointed as the Vice President of the NUG. He is also the chair of the Kachin National Consultative Assembly (WMR) and an experienced attorney from Lashio. According to Ko Min Ko Naing’s video message before the CRPH announcement, the Vice President will be the acting President in the current situation.


Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong from Chin National Front (CNF) was appointed as the Union Minister of Ministry of Federal Union Affairs. He has been a political activist since 1988 and specialized in federal affairs. He is close to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and has been actively taking part in peace building affairs from 2012 until 2020.


Dr. Too Khaung, the Union Minister of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, has been an activist in Myit-Sone affairs and land confiscation issues on behalf of the local Kachin people. The minister graduated from the Central Baptist Theological Seminary, USA.


The Union Minister of the Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs, Naw Hla Hla Soe, is renowned among the public. Not only being an MP in 2015, she has also won in 2020 general election from Yangon region. The minister is also the founder of Karen Women Empowerment Group (KWEG) and has worked for the peace building affairs between the government and KNU. It was one of her achievements that Naw Hla Hla Soe could capture her attention of Hillary Clinton into the women affairs in war zone, while she was serving as the US state secretary.


U Moe Zaw Oo, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, received his master degree in Southeast Asia Studies from Chulalongkorn university, Thailand.


Significantly, two Deputy Ministers are appointed for the Ministry of Defence. Daw Khin Ma Ma Myo is a PhD candidate and teaches political and defense strategies. Nai Kao Rot, another Deputy Minister, is an ethnic Mon and his profile is still under exploration.


U Chit Tun and Naing Win Htoo are the two Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Federal Union Affairs. Maing Win Htoo is an ethnic Ta-Arng. Not only was a former MP, Naing Win Htoo is close to ethnic armed group, T’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA). The profile of U Chit Tun is still under review.


U Min Zayar Oo, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Planning, Finance and investment, is an ethnic Mon. It is said that he is also the secretary of the political organizations participated in UPDJC. (Chances are the similar names, need the final confirmation.)


Naw Htoo Phaw, the Deputy Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, is an ethnic Karen. The profile is more to come.


Ja Htoi Pan, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, is known as the advisor to the Kachin organizations. She founded a school in Mai Ja Yang. It is said that she was not only a UK Chevening Scholar but also graduated a master degree from USA. (This needs the final confirmation.)


Dr. Shwe Pon, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health, is a former MP and an NLD member.


Khu Bedu, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, is the chair of Kayan National Party. He ran for the election in 2020 and his opponent was L Phaung Sho. Khu Bedu, received a strong support of Kayin Ni youths.


Ei Thinzar Maung simply needs no introduction as she has been one of the top active protest leaders in Myanmar’s Spring Revolution. She has now been appointed as the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs. She ran for the election in 2020 and lost to the opponent and friend, Si Thu Maung from NLD.


U Maw Tun Aung, the member of SNLD and natural resources expert, commented that these announcements will make the upcoming tasks easier and faster, especially among the international organizations for the diplomatic affairs as well as the fund support.


He said, “We cannot say this is a perfect formation, but this is understandable. The situations are pushing them to work on the run. But if you take a look into their accomplishments, we can see that they are a lot better than SAC.”


However, the public comments point out that the two ethnics, Rakhine and Shan, are not involved in NUG. Nevertheless, we will have to keep our eyes open how they might take the role in the upcoming formations. The other ministers and deputy ministers are mostly from NLD. U Win Myint is still our president as well as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counsellor.


People perceived that there is still no Commander-in-Chief in the list. This fact is leaving a question whether the system in which the defense minister will report to the President, instead of having a Commander-in-Chief. Chances are it is still under negotiation. This system follows the system of USA. In USA, the president acts as a commander-in-chief and the president exercises the direct supreme orders for war and defense affairs.


By: Moe Myint

(Translated by Mratt's Channel)

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